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All Good Things Take Time… Why You Need Patience To Be Successful…

All good things take time. This is something that I’ve heard over and over again throughout my life, and I do know it at an intellectual level…

But, in this day and age (even though I’m nearing 40) I still expect instant or quick results in everything I do. When I want something, I Want it Now. Or Yesterday. I have little or even No patience in most of my current projects and goals.

With the internet the way it is now, with Google, I have a world of knowledge at my fingertips – All The Time.




Why Do We Want Things Instantly So Much?

It is a sign of the times, this modern age. And it didn’t use to be this way. Somehow our ancestors knew the value of hard, long work, and slugging it out. Nowadays, perhaps we can do things smarter and easier, but typically we cannot replace the length of time most things take, especially when you’re talking about goals, projects, and creating businesses.

Of course, in some areas of life, you can almost find instant gratification.

But in the areas that really matter, that really count, it’s the little bit you do, day in, day out, that adds up and makes a huge difference. It’s almost as if it’s the Journey that’s  important. Not just the end goal. The problem is, it’s hard to tell or feel or see the gradual changes in your body, physically or creatively, or changes and progress in your business. But they do happen, just very slowly, over a long period of time.

Think about the fact that quick weight-loss is typically not sustaninble long term. We all know that the true way to lose weight and keep it off, is by a steady, gradual approach, the slower the better really. Weight loss is about changing your patterns; eating, moving, and your thoughts. For long-term weight-loss success, this needs to be achieved slowly – most of the time – there’s always exceptions. Please note – this is not medical advice – I’m just stating how I see things.


Some Examples for You:

It is the same with all goals in my life, be it weight loss, a healthy body, a successful online career in affiliate marketing, success with my fiction writing, success with my creative writing website, or success with this freelance writing website.

I want the success NOW. I want the results NOW.



And instead of picking a program or disciple and sticking with it, I jump around looking for the next best thing – the new shiny object that promises instant or faster results. Now some of these aren’t scams, but some might be.


But I think its true of nearly every product or course out there promising results… if you commit to the training, the prescribed tasks, you will get results.

It’s just a matter of choosing something and sticking with it and NOT getting distracted. And sticking with it for long enough, to see the results you want.

Now some products or courses might not be enough or might not give you the right tools. But follow it to the end, follow the guidelines, and then tweak, or change. Give the products you’ve invested your research, money and time into a Real Go.



Enough Blabbering – To The Examples…


Weight Loss

How many times have you started a weight-loss or get-fit regime, only to abandon it midway or a quarter of the way through, for

Gym Memberships_Unslash

something ‘better’? I can tell you, it’s happened to me, well… it’s still happening…. And I started training 18 years ago, jumping from one fad to another. Maybe if I’d stuck to one thing, and seen it through, I would have got the results I was after. Or at least have come close. The thing is, I’ll never know, what all those plans could have done for me.

Here are some of my past fails (you see, all these programs bought, tried, but not

completed, only add up to a list (and sense) of “failures’.  This does not help when trying to succeed in any venture, be it weight loss or an online business).

  • T25
  • Insanity
  • Gym Memberships (years and years of partially used memberships)
  • Tae-Bo
  • countless gimmick products such as ThighMaster…



One program did work for me, but that is because I followed them through to the end:

Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. Not that I’m suggesting this is what you should run out and buy. But this program had the inbuilt support and accountability and goals, and community, which helped see me through to the end.


This is something you should consider when purchasing a product or course – Will it have all the tools you need in order to succeed? The training, the support, the accountability and goals, and probably, the most important – a community, where you can connect with others in the same position, going through a similar experience.

Having people to talk to, to confide in and to vent with, makes anything achievable and worth it, no matter how tough it is.

My commitment now – the next plan I start, I am fulling committing to seeing it though. Afterwards, if I don’t get the rewards I was after, I can tweak it or reevaluate and look for something else. (maybe one of the many 10’s of exercise programs I have tucked away on my DVD shelf and on my hard drive.)


Mind and Physical Belief

All the jumping around tells your brain and your heart (or soul) that you’re not committed and that you don’t trust the process of what you’re doing. It’s almost a mind game. A game of positive thinking, or a game of belief.

If you put your full trust and effort into something without doubting yourself (or the product/tool), you will more than likely succeed in what you’re are doing or trying to achieve.

It is more about your mind, your thoughts, and you creating what you want, with your thoughts AND your actions.

If you jump around, from one thing to the next, wow – what is your subconscious meant to believe? That you don’t know what you’re doing?

Tell it what you’re doing works, and show it that.


To get a healthy fit body, or a more slender one, it takes time. Forgot about the Gimmicks and Get Fit Quick fads. Choose what calls to you most and see it through to the end.



A Healthy Body


We almost don’t need more examples, as I covered it all in the previous section – but I’ll stick with what I’ve started – to emphasise my point.


If you want a healthy body, inside and out, emotionally, mentally, and physically, then getting there will take time. There a little or few exceptions.

Actually, this is one area, especially with physical health, where people are probably better at sticking to a program, or “Doctor’s Orders”.

If you are sick – you take your prescribed medicine until the very end. The Doctor Says. And we listen – most of the time. Unless we want to get sicker.

But for the other elements of a healthy body – healing our mental or emotional or spiritual self, I’ve seen time and time again people jumping from program to program, Again, never seeing any one individual program through to the end.

Want Enlightenment? Don’t we all:) And most of us know that to reach enlightenment; you need many years of study and internal contemplation and meditation. We kind of know this deep down, and I guess this is why not many of us choose to follow this path – it is a BIG decision and requires Great commitment to start on this path. But this doesn’t stop many of us from trying the various products out there that promise quick results. And again, we typically don’t even finish them. Leaving us nowhere, and not even one step closer to the end goal.

Mental Health_ Pixabay


The same can be said with your emotional and mental health.


Making headway in your mental health takes a long time. You can’t change your thoughts just like that. It takes months or years of practice. But who of us are committed to seeing this through?

I know this firsthand, which is why I feel I can make such a general and short remark about it. But there is no quick fix when it comes to depression or anxiety. It is a long, slow process, which you need to dedicate yourself to.



Success With My Fiction

This is one of my personal goals, that I know many of you out there will share with me.

I want to be an awesome writer NOW, and I want to have sold Millions of books, again NOW.Writing_Pexels

Now, this is despite the fact that I’m doing very little writing, or that I have yet to publish on any platform, at all.


Becoming a successful fiction writer, can nowadays be attainable by almost anyone dedicated enough to see it through. This is great news for any writer!

It’s just a matter of setting your goals, writing, and getting the novels or short stories, or whatever, finished and published.

Or if you are doing a course or training, or reading a how-to book, then committing to said course or book, and using it to aid your writing until your novel or story is completed.

So often, I start on a novel with the help of one tool, only to abandon that tool – usually about 1/4 of the way in (this is a little telling – and more about this in another post), only to find another tool, and start over with a new story or the same story – and never really finishing anything.


This is NOT the way to become a successful and profitable writer.


Writing a novel takes time. But you can do it relativity fast if you want if you have the time spare. This isn’t like reaching enlightenment…

My point is though, your novel or story will never get finished if you jump around looking for the next best thing. It involves sitting down, writing word after word after word. All the tools, the courses, the books can teach you different methods to do this, but they all boil down to the same thing. Write the damn words, and don’t stop (don’t get distracted by something else) until you’ve finished.


So: Pick your product – your writing course or how to book, and use it until your novel or story is finished.


The same goes for marketing and publishing. Pick one method and go for it. Actually get your book published first and then for look for another better way if you so desire.


But remember, you learn best by doing (and failing and achieving). Even if you are taught something or read something, it’s that actually doing that cements it into your psyche.


A Successful Online Career in Affiliate Marketing

Finally, what this article is really about, only after 2000 almost words of preamble…

Achieving success with affiliate marketing and niche or affiliate websites.

Firstly, success is almost guaranteed, if you don’t give up and quit. Like everything else in the world worth doing or learning, building up the knowledge and skill takes time.

Growing a website takes time.

Of course, there are quick ways of promoting your website, with social media for example. But let’s get to that later.


Social Media

As Authority Hacker say in their excellent resource on What an Authority Website is, every website has stages it goes through, and if you are on your way to building an authority website in your niche, then it will have to go through these stages:

Stage 1: You have to learn how to grow your website through SEO and Affiliate Marketing.

Only after have you succeed in this, should you tackle the further stages.

This is an excellent resource and you should definitely check it out.


Know that it will take time, at least 3-6 months to build out your website and start seeing visitors/traffic.

If you want an awesome tool to help you learn to build your affiliate website with all the training, support, accountability and community, then I recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

Or check back here regularly, where I will give you all you need to get started and grow your niche and affiliate websites.


Summary and Key Points:

Start practising and learn to wait. For whatever it is you want.

Delay the gratification. Just a little bit.

Stop using Google to look up things as soon as you think of them. Delay Google. Try to find the info within your mind. Ask the people around you. And at least, wait until later to look it up.

Stop giving your mind and subconscious instant results when you want something.


Key Points:

  • Whatever you are doing – pick one program (the best one you can find) and STICK with it, till the end, and longer.
  • Don’t let gimmicky Get Rich Quick, Lose Weight Fast, Make Millions selling Kindle Books fast schemes distract you. You’ve chosen your (well-researched) method. Give it your full attention and see it through.
  • Choose a program that has the following elements: adequate training, support, accountability tools, goals, and a community of some sort. A forum, or live chat, or private messages even – just a place to connect.



A very rambling post, but this topic has been on my mind a lot recently, mostly because I’m super guilty of it, and I feel it is the Number One reason why I’m progressing rather slowly on so many different fronts. I hope you have found it as informative as I have self-revealing.

I’ve love to hear your feedback and comments. Please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Happy Writing




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