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Do You Want to Earn Money Online, Writing? Try Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to earn money online through your writing? There are numerous ways to start earning online through writing, but today I want to focus on using your own website (niche/authority) and affiliate marketing. If you want control of your writing and your content, then this is your best bet in making money with your writing.

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Today, I will cover:

  • Niche Website vs Authority Websites
  • Affiliate Marketing in a Nutshell
  • Writing for Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Writing Tone and Style


The Premise of Affiliate Marketing is Pretty Simple:

Build a relevant website with great content. Generate traffic over a period of months, and then monetize your website with affiliate links to products you believe in and are promoting. Your readers will make purchases, and you will receive a commission.


This is affiliate marketing in a nutshell and can be performed in a few easy steps, however, there is a minimum length of time needed in order to start seeing results, which is typically 3-6-12 months, depending on your skill level.


Earn Money Online Writing
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Niche Websites and Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest (but also slowest) ways to start earning money writing online is by building an affiliate website, either a niche website or an authority website.


A niche website is a site focusing on a particular topic, or theme, and targets a certain group of people. This group of people may be small, but as it’s more focused, it will result in a higher conversion rate and therefore profits. Examples of such sites are highly narrowed topics, such as “Baby’s Dolls”, which focus on product reviews and recommendations and sends visitors of the site to a company such as Amazon to make their purchase.


An authority site is similar to a niche site, however, it is a bigger, more long-term site, that has developed it’s content enough that it represents an ‘authority’ on the topic in the industry. Any site could become an authority site if it continues for long enough and continues to provide excellent, high quality, and relevant information to its visitors.


Think of one of your hobbies. What is your Go-To website for information regarding this topic? More than likely, this is an authority site, which ranks very high in Google, and as a result, receives a lot of incoming traffic, and therefore more conversions/sales.



Affiliate Marketing In A Nutshell – 3 Easy Steps: 

Step 1: Create a Website with great content (your writing) on a subject you have some passion for. Ideally, you should have some interest in the subject matter, otherwise, this being such a long-term business plan, you might lose interest in the project. The key is maintaining your own interest in the site, and regularly updating the site with fresh, new, quality content for long enough, and perhaps forever. But long enough, at least, for your rankings to increase in the search engines and for your traffic to increase.


Step 2: Continue to create Awesome, Quality Content for at least 6 months, on a regular weekly basis. Ideally, you would want to post something relevant and informative 2 – 3 times a week. This will get your site generating good position’s in the search engines and start to generate traffic.


Step 3: Monetize your Website. There are a number of different strategies or techniques in order to do this, but what we are talking about today, and what you should start with, in every website, is with Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Links. This means adding Affiliate Links to your content where it’s applicable; in Reviews you have written, and in Best-Of and Top-10 Posts.

  • Once you understand affiliate marketing you can then branch out int the other areas of monetizing a website, including PPC (Pay Per Click) and Adsense (advertising on your site).

Once you have enough traffic to your site, it will naturally start generating money; that is if your content is good enough and converts your readers well.


Affiliate Marketing
Steps to Making Money Online: Affiliate Marketing


This Is Why It’s So Important To Be Writing Well.


Readers will click on an affiliate link, linking them to a suggested product on Amazon or other affiliate programs. When they purchase a product, you will earn a small commission.


It’s that simple.


In theory. There is a bit more to it than that. But there is a place that you can learn all you need to know about Affiliate Marketing, and that’s Wealthy Affiliate. For more information and full training in affiliate marketing and online writing, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, where you can learn all the above tools in order to succeed in affiliate marketing.


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Writing For Affiliate Marketing

Typical writing for an affiliate niche or authority site would typically include:

  • SEO Optimised Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Reviews
  • How-To Posts
  • Best-Of Posts


Writing Tone and Style

You can take whatever style you want with your writing, but it should ideally suit your niche, or what your website is about.


For example, if you have created a site helping people with a specific illness or disease, you’ll want to take a more serious tone, compared to a site about gaming or fashion, which could be more lighthearted or even funny.


No matter what tone you choose for your writing, you will still, however, keep the writing style pretty simple and conversational, like you are chatting and helping a friend, or writing an email to a friend.


Write like you’d talk to a close friend, and help them.

This is one of the Golden Rules when writing online content:

You want to help your reader, which builds trust, and which will eventually lead to conversions (or clicks or sales) on your website.


SEO Optimization

You need to learn the easy skill of SEO Optimization (online and offline), to add to your articles in order for them to be optimized or ‘noticed’ by Google and the other search engines. This will greatly help your writing to rank in the search engines, and help to increase your traffic to your site.


Summing Up

I hope this has given you a quick summary of how affiliate marketing for your own site works. This is definitely a long-term writing strategy, but the financial payoff, in the long run, is substantial.

If you want to learn more, do check out my recommended support and training service, Wealthy Affiliate. They provide website hosting, support and training in all areas of internet marketing, and really everything to help you succeed in your online writing dream.

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I’d love to hear your views on affiliate marketing, whether or not you’ve started a website yet, and your review or experience with Wealthy Affiliate. Please drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.





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